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Analysis of Design Scheme of Aggregate Processing System

Machinery factory is the first condition of mechanical Construction Waste Crusher manufacturing, it provides machinery manufacturing production sites, providing the necessary equipment, the management and design of its mechanical manufacturing factory energy saving effect is directly related to the mechanical manufacturing industry. So, the scientific machinery manufacturing plant design should be comprehensive products, management, production and other factors, in every link take the necessary energy saving measures, promote the overall mechanical manufacturing to achieve the goal of low consumption of. Process of natural aggregate diameter of coarse crushing processing or artificial aggregate section, generally take direct stope material, its action time should be consistent with the working system of the stope of lumbering, in diameter or coarse crushing (jaw crusher) when the choice, the load coefficient may take 0.65 ~ 0.75; Wash (vibrating screen) and the broken (counterattack crusher), finely (cone crusher) workshop generally use two shifts, the load coefficient of the device should be 0.75 ~ 0.85; Rod mill type sand making machine requires stable product distribution, appropriate USES class three a week in a row, the load coefficient of the device should be 0.85 ~ 0.9.

Typical natural Construction Waste Crusher production process: stone processing, screening and grading adjustment, sand washing, compensatory and artificial sand, water use and wastewater treatment; When the natural application of sand content is insufficient, or natural sand grading is not good, can use redundant system sand coarse aggregate supplement or adjust the grading. Type of crusher, should with the ability to deal with physical property, the requirement of the stone crushing, crushing particle size of the product and equipment configuration requirements, the use of impact crusher (sand making machine) and counterattack crusher grain shape is good. Application of crusher is a good helper, sand processing equipment selection so coarse crushing is heaviest in artificial aggregate production equipment, the largest civil engineering quantity, investment process. As the amount of concrete used in the construction of the airport varies greatly from that of concrete in the construction of the hydropower station, there are differences in the specification requirements for the sand and gravel, and the artificial aggregate has not been applied in the construction of the airport field. Therefore, the process design should be reasonable, reliable, adjustable, in order to ensure product quality as the principle, the process design for the three broken, that is broken, broken, crushing. Crushing for open production. In the broken closed loop, in order to adapt to a variety of grading, a variety of mix with the aggregate demand for aggregate changes in the requirements. Crushing for the closed-loop, for the system of sand, stone shaping.

Field plan in the yard when the choice, the first thing to understand the needs of the Ultrafine Mill engineering and river cascade planning, material sources on the development of the situation, to identify the building several cascade Shared or regional sand production base, or to build engineering special sand system. In the design of artificial sand aggregate processing system, the general cone crusher main configuration, configuration system sand machine at the same time, two kinds of sand material according to certain proportion and distribution, improve the quality of artificial sand. Primary crusher import size, should be compatible with mining bucket volume of machinery, feed particle size should be greater than 0.85 times of the width of the crusher import. Selected yard of recoverable reserves, in addition to meet the needs of the engineering capacity, should also have a certain margin spare, including the exploration of the possible error and an increase in the amount of need. Refers to a piece of artificial aggregate of semi-finished products (eggs) stone raw materials the product obtained after coarse crushing particle size of the largest general control within the crusher to allow maximum feed particle size. Pay attention to distinguish between artificial sand and natural sand and gravel, reduce the production cost.

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